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well with the last shooting that went on i guess its only natural for this issue to come up, we will go through the same cycle they will blame fake guns, then they will start blaming the illegal import of real guns and nothing will get done, because we have such a wonderful way of governing things in this country. The police and the politicians are just trying to make it look like they care, if they did they'd be working on getting REAL guns off the street, they said in gun crimes 30% were fake guns, well...whats wrong with that statement, that means 70% of the time people were ACTUALLY in danger, as for the decision on wether or not they have to end the robbers life, well who cares, if you are dumb enough to do that then u will pay for it. we seem to have forgotten about personal responsibility in this country. This will pass a couple regions will pry put a 18+ restriction on the sale of fakes but all in all it will slowly phase out until we get another moron with a real gun killing people. Its sad that the police are wasting time on fake guns when there are idiots out there somehow sneaking real guns past the police and killing innocent people. its simple and its sad the politicians dont see it, you take care of the real guns and make sure only mature people are dealing with the fake ones, if u use a fake one to commit a crime then tough luck they treat it like a real gun, it's common sense. but hey, what do I know lol
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