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The way things are going...

So, with the possibility of the law cracking down on retailers....and with the recent events, not to mention politicians taking up causes...Its not hard to forsee that a crackdown on airsoft could be possible in the near future.

I was significantly concerned with the media over the Dawson college shootings.
The shooter posing with guns on the website has taken alot of heat. All I hear on the radio is talk about his blog, pictures and
The shooter simply having images up has raised alot of discusion.

Now, if there is one thing about that we love our pictures. And we have alot...and lets face it, many that would put Kimveer Gill's posing to shame. Many in the news are saying those images could have been a solid warning of things to come.

It wouldnt take much for someone in the media to stumble on ASC and see our gallery and scream bloody murder.
Personally, Im gonna remove airsofting images from my MSN pages and such.

even the tattoo thread in off topic. people with grenades or AK47 tattoos....maby we should keep these things off ASC for now.

just as an example, Ill pick this pic, posted in our gallery by Korneil.


like I said, should we take steps in light of recent events to make ASC seem less like its a group of possible killers?
In light of recent events, should we be more descrete with out images? Should we archive and remove our gallery for the time being?
Should we only allow images from games and put a stop to the in-home posing?

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