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Originally Posted by Dracheous
trufet that's the UK... this is Canada, which means; Soccor moms = win, average everyday people = S.O.L
we arnt average everyday people. ASC numbers around 14,400 people...considering the newbs, minors, and those who just join but dont do anything, Ill bet there are less then 8,000 actual players in Canada. No one gives a rats ass about airsoft. All it looks like is a bunch of people running around with guns. Thats all it will ever look like.
Just look at the ASC off-topic. There are countless threads that turn into vigilante killing discussions. Some very radical ideas on these forums. Its not hard to assume that average everyday people would look at airsofters as dangerous, unbalanced people. I dont blame them. You got young men and middle aged people playing solider...posing with gun, terrorist training, etc.
Lets face the facts, airsoft attracts a specific breed of people...and over the past few years, that breed of people is viewed as a problem.
Normal grown men dont go out and do role-playing.

I think we can all agree that those +30 year olds who get togher, dress like wizards and elves and fight eachother with foam swords are freaks. They arnt right. Be it old vergins or failed dreams....its fucked.
...same with those wackos who dress up like transformers and shit....
airsoft is the same crap....cept we look cooler.
But its basically all live action role-playing games.

So you got live action role playing, cosplay, airsoft....but you wanna know what the public sees?

the be all, end all is that no matter what, the average everyday person will look at us and see problems. Our numbers are so small, pushing back against the goverment isnt gonna do shit.

You think if your gearing up at foxden and someone makes a wrong turn in the foxden drive and sees a bunch people with assault know whats in their heads....terrorist training camp like the one they found during the toronto terrorist raids. And shit, with all the radical talk that goes on in these forums, they would have every reason to think that...

And lets face it, we all heard stories of people using airsoft for crimes. Last year I got someone on MSN who was asking me where to find a holster for his M11 so he could hide it when he went out on friday nights and then scare people with it. Im sure there are countless people who use airsoft guns to commit crimes.

airsoft isnt doomed, its lasted this long...but we all know it cant last forever. Guns may be cool, but they dont help. You all can argue it all till we are blue in the face, but the dawson shooting and that shooting last year in the US where the kid had an airsoft gun, begs to differ.

dont get me wrong, I love guns....I love guns just as much as everyone else in here. But truth be told, I dont see the need for people to own handguns or other restricted firearms. Banning guns is no answer(ala "saying guns kill people is like saying pencils cause spelling mistakes"), but the only reason I need to own the guns that I for hunting....
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