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i am a 19 year old airsoft player and i purchased my first airsoft gun when i was 15 accompanied by my mother (KSC G18c).
My mother only knew that i have the guns but not actually playing airsoft, and my dad had no idea that i even had these toys until i was 16 when i was about to move out.
My mother used airsoft gears and guns as rewards for me to participate extra-curriculum
activities to a certain extent. Before i moved out after i turned 16, i used to give out excuses to not go to the church on sunday and play airsoft instead....
My dad found out about the guns i had when i was moving out, but he was surprised instead of angry...he even played with them in the backyard shooting cans a couple times. He showed more anger toward me not going to the church than me owning replica firearms.
This was my parents attitude toward me playing airsoft when i was younger. Quite a lousy example i must
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