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Red face Ok to use grean gas with Western Arms M92f?

Hi, i'm new here and this will be my first post. (note also that i'm an enthusiast since i'm only 15 but i'm not an idiot who'll run around school going "omg check out my airsoft gun! *gets shot*).
Alright, well, my question is this : Is it ok to use Green Gas/Propane+silicone oil with a *stock* Western Arms M92f without damaging it (i'm planning to get it from here: The GBB on top ). If not, where is a good place/site to find HFC-134a?

P.S. This will be my first gun (if i get it), and i doubt that i will be going to any games any time soon (otherwise i'd get an ICS m4a1).

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions for another M9 from another manufacturer! :cheers:
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