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I really see your point's guy's. But think of this a paintball gun can be bought by anyone well a walmart one can and you can do more damage to property with a stock paint ball gun rather than a stock airsoft gun right?

As a 16 year old teenager all my comments will proably get thrashed and bashed by you older folk's which of course I dont mind. Just think of it like this just because you been verified doesn't make the person anybetter than any one else. A 32 year old male or female could be worse than a 16 year old kid. Don't take it as me bitching I just like the fact of I can go play a sport with a bunch of people and I am or just as good as them but nine times out of ten I listen to what there telling me because I would rather play the sport and keep it well than have to watch in the sidelines.

Also about the whole parents thing it's a good idea but, my mother almost died recently due to some heart matter's and my dad would rather take care of her than playairsoft with me, not to mention i've been around guns most of my life my father being a tank driver and my uncle being the medic then turned SAR tech. I have a hi-respect for anytype of gun and I treat it as I would if it was a serious moment, which I know most 16 kids who play with me tend to say because we know as a minior were on thin ice to begin with. So I say this because of one or two idoits im treated the same way as them?

Anyway's thats just my 2 cents and thanks for takeing the time to read it. And sorry for thoese mistakes of spelling and grammer long long day of school today.

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