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Originally Posted by Kid
Personally, I would just like to say that if I was at a quick stop and a guy came in with a gun, I would much rather it be an replica. Worst case then is he hits me with it, or shoots me with a BB if he gets pissed off. With a real gun, if he gets mad, I'm dead.

I would perosnally rather have replicas easier to get, for criminals and others. If criminals had easy access to that, it may be chosen over a real gun.
My thoughts exactly. but try to reason that to a politician, if its 18+ and are sold and treated as firearms then i say put them in every store, so that way if some retard is bent on holding up the next petrocan it be with a much more easily obtainable soft hitting airsoft gun. also then the whole some idiot kid got shot by police for playing in the streets with one would but fruitless, he souldnt have had in the first place. so lets stock those shelves with airsoft, every store you can think of. next on the adgenda, the inplacation of a 4 lane transcontinental super highway between japan and canada to facilitate a steady flow of airsoft 8)
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