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Again, there are two problems here. One is idiots, one is the government.

The government has the power to totally screw us. Our solution really IS simple.

If idiots continue to get guns, the government will eventually step in and FORCE a solution. We will have NO choice. Do you want that? I dont, but there are just too many retards out there. We see a fine sample logging on here almost every day.

Our solution is to adopt several of the more useful 'real gun' rules.

1) Over 18, period. Not 16 with parent's consent, 18. No excuses.
2) Must be able to prove they have a place to play (as for Restricted weapons, where you need a real range).
3) PAL, or something similar, to purchase. We have age-verification, it serves pretty much the same purpose and should be enough. We may just have to add a few more verifiers to the list.
4) No bullshit to be taken from minors. If they say Daddy approves, then have Daddy contact us.

Airsoft is a privilege, not a right. If we dont enforce our own rules, expect to have rules shoved down our throaths by force of Law. Then have fun fighting that... It's happening to real gun owners all the time. You dont want to experience that.
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