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There've been a lot of replies to the original post so excuse if I say something that has been said in another post I haven't read.

Would it be advantageous to have several of our senior members, that we trust and understand politics / english language, step up to city council and let them know they represent our community? Basically tell the law makers that they are the experts around Airsoft, the replicas and the games and should be used as reference to assist with the law making. This way we won't have a bunch of unknowledgable (?) politicians making decisions for our future without our input.

The representatives can then reinforce the 18+ lock out of sales we currently follow but work to define conditions around ownership, participation in games that meet middle ground for what our Airsoft community wants vs. what the politicians want to do as a whole.

Basically we need to let them know that an organized community exists, we are willing to work with police and law makers, but we need to allowed input in our future and reinforce the size of our community and our presence in YORK region or other areas that may be effected. (Elections are coming up and I'm willing vote against anyone that doesn't listen.)

Worse case, if an all out ban happens then I say we hide this forum and website and make it by invitation only. We can allow the current user base to exist and simply have no more future members except those recommended by existing members. I also suggest we hide the Gallery section and all but the general and Off-topic sections areas from non registered users, if this isn't already done. * This are extreme steps to use if we have an all out ban, we don't need to panic as the article may just be a political ploy to buy votes and in the end may just fizzle.
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