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Originally Posted by CanKam
WE also need to make retailers know, that it is we who make the rules, as we control the future of their commerce. 18+ = service only.
That is an excellent sentiment, but for most people, it remains just that. No matter how loud the "vote with your wallet, only shop at 18+ retailers" horn is blared, enough legal-age airsofters with no spines, and minors exist to keep these shady retailers in business.

Another reason why I'm not to broken up over Peter Kang's business getting the once over (yet again) - he's a disease on the community who has time and time again tried to shut other retailers out of the business through intimidation. Also, he's not only sold to, but actively encouraged purchasing of airsoft weapons by minors.

The system we have here on ASC is working amazingly well, considering it's built upon the efforts of a handful of volunteers (you know who you are) who naver get any thanks, and now one major retailer.

Originally Posted by CanKam
In this case we need an 18+ law for everything (as previously discussed by Greylocks in another post).
This is an interested point with alot of merit to it. One could very well argue, what is the point of restricting sales of aeg's/gbb's, but not accessories like mags etc, when there are (apparently) plentiful sources for airsoft weapons.

Once a minor has , let's say, a CA AK their fucktard parents (sorry, but I feel really passionate on this issue, sorry if I offend anyone's delicate sensibilities) bought for them.

Now they are golden, because ASC serves as a ready place for them to stock up on the required ancillary gear they need to play.
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