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Originally Posted by Dracheous

The only thing I see presented to the "table" thus far that "COULD" be inforced and put into action is the requirement of a PAL to purchase the guns and ammo. This way the "back ground checks" are done by government people who are supposed to weed out who should and who shouldn't be trusted with fire arms. If we can't trust the real thing in their hands why a toy that looks just as much like the real thing?
Even such a system has it's flaws. The Dawson College shooter used a registered weapon during his siege. He had a PAL, yet was still on the cop's most watched list.

In this case we need an 18+ law for everything (as previously discussed by Greylocks in another post). WE should aswell start informing the general public about our activities. Airsoft is not well known and quite often it's associated with the dreaded SoftAir or even Paintball. As a community, we should start by introducing ASC. On these forums, there exists a system that could help law enforcers monitor frauds, crimes and transactions. Such a system... well in fact, it's the community in its entirety. Through communication we managed to identify frodulent dealers, faked identities and we also established guide lines on how we need to act to keep our community safe, aswell as enjoyable.

These cases of raids and bans are all related to misinformation. Clearly displaying our organisational values, our sport, aswell as methods to control future crimes... Lets face it, with the experience of some of our members, ASC is not only a association, it's also the leading authority on Airsoft in Canada. Some have been here from the beginning, as for myself, I'm new to the sport, but our goal is common: To make our Sport/Hobby safe, and most importantly, fun for the general public.

Information was always the best tool to use against faulty politics.

WE also need to make retailers know, that it is we who make the rules, as we control the future of their commerce. 18+ = service only.
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