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Originally Posted by Dracheous
PTE PYLE, that might not work. For instance there is a club in Smith Falls that allows patrons to smoke because it is a private club for smokers. But the owner is being charged with anti-smoking legislature even throught the club is supposed to be private. However a club in Montreal allows swingers to go... well you know what swingers do.

It just seems that an attempt that way won't go over so well.
im just curious what smoking and swinging have in commone. smoking has been ban not for the safety of patrons private or not but for the safety of the people who work at these places. swinging is not illegal, there are no bylaws that say 2 concenting people cannot have sex. just because it is in a public venue that is rented for the lose purose of that event puts no one at harm.

now to the airsoft side of this, i fail to see how this has anything to do with what you mensioned. if we could eliminate 100% of airsoft guns getting in to the hands of people who are not members of airsoft clubs then what is the problem. there are prohibited firearms yet members of certian clubs that use a prohibited calliber of ammo or a prohibited firearm can under certian circumstances use prohibited weapons. this is no differance all in all airsoft is prohibited, due to the fact that airsoft guns are replica firearms. so if we got rid of the flow of guns and you had to go through an actual club to posess these weapons how could there be any problem. lets face it no matter what the government bans of people want it bad enough they will still find ways to do it. all im sugesting is a possible way to let us keep out game and our guns and not be criminals, or living in fear of seisure.

unfortunatly this would allso get rid of 80% of retailers. allthough the ones that would remain woud have the sole market.
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