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Originally Posted by Adreniline Junky
Maybe what we could do, is to find member with legal experience, to create a proposal on how we could police ourselves, with a system kind of like a PAL like Dracheous suggested, but only that it applies to airsoft guns, not real guns. petition it to all members of the community. then bring it to the federal goverment. this would both show the goverment that we are a large group of mature members. and that, we are fully able to impliment a rule that will help to stop all the sales of guns to irrisponible people.
Originally Posted by Dracheous
I wonder if Adrenline Junkies idea here couldn't do one better. Have our own section in the PAL. Restricted/Non-Restricted/Replica Airsoft.
Sorry, what you are suggesting just isn't feasible under the current federal government scenario.

The problem with both of these ideas is that it would require a legislative amendment to the Act, and it's not likely that we could get this onto the legislative agenda for the upcoming session or any session following thereafter so long as the federal government is still dealing with a minority parliament.

The federal government is unwilling to re-open the Act since they couldn't pass amendments through with the seats they have. I doubt they'd get past second reading on anything. As a result, there's only the possibility of proposing things that could be done by regulation or an OIC through existing authorities in the Act.

Unfortunately, both of these mechanisms only allow opportunities to make things worse for airsoft, not better. For example, the entire recreational shooting community in Canada and the entire sport of airsoft, by extension, could be struck down and rendered prohibited overnight by means of an OIC.

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