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Originally Posted by BBS
i agree too with the 18+ only and stop parents from buying airsoft for kids.
i agree to ban Ctire and walmart soft air / crosssman guns.
i suggest to have a "18+Airsoft Safety Program" which tells you how to responsibly handle airsoft, goggles, barrel plugs, gun cases etc. and people who passed should get a certificate or card. its not a firearms safety course its a airsoft safety course. one needs to pass before they can buy airsoft guns. this will stop kids for sure in buying these guns as it will be a hassle for them.
18+ is already in place at stores (at least they have signs saying so) and by most retailers (again some say they won't but do sell to minors) and there is no way to stop someone that is hell bent on getting one.

Canadian Tire will not stop selling anything that makes them a buck (or any other large franchise for that matter). If the government were to ban sales of airguns and softair and stores you can bet airsoft will be gone long before.

The 18+ Airsoft Safety program is completely rediculous. Why? I'm not trying to cut you down and be rude, but the safe handling of an airsoft gun is just plain common sense, same with knives, bows, baseball bats, the handling of your fork (could take someone's eye out) or your car, etc: etc: etc: ... Some people are stupid, and stupid is as stupid does. You cannot teach common sense and good judgement. It just can't be done.
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