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I wonder if Adrenline Junkies idea here couldn't do one better. Have our own section in the PAL. Restricted/Non-Restricted/Replica Airsoft.

That way we would be accountable on where and to who we buy our guns. No more retailers selling to minors and such. Also may open the possibility to import our own guns. Would have to go down to Customs to show ID and verify our license is up to date and such to retreive the package. And for those who don't want to be bothered with having to go to Customs themselves can deal through Retailers who still need to verify that the card is legit. We could have people in the community who retailers trust to be able to visually verify such a card so that a retailer could send it off. Mind you that would re-open the chances of someone slipping through the cracks. But would create a way to inforce such actions to be punishable. More so than just not getting a slot on the retailers list here at the top of the forums.

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