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The problem is like Phenom said, really hard to impliment and enforce.

If you were to cut down the retailers available market to only those that this forum "Age Verify" when they them selves can check a drivers license. Not to mention that it has happened in the past where people HAVE been age verified here and that status removed because of actions they have made later. No matter what we do for this forum its not going to be perfect and the same is for the rest of the country. There is always going to be some dumb jerk to screw things up.

The only thing I see presented to the "table" thus far that "COULD" be inforced and put into action is the requirement of a PAL to purchase the guns and ammo. This way the "back ground checks" are done by government people who are supposed to weed out who should and who shouldn't be trusted with fire arms. If we can't trust the real thing in their hands why a toy that looks just as much like the real thing?

This also wouldn't cut down their clientel to who we say is legal. It would yes affect sales for a while, because not every airsofter here has their PAL. But its not a hard thing to get people, and it is identification. Don't know about the rest of the provinces, but here in Ontario they keep removing different cards from forms of identification. Last to be cut was the Health Card and someone had told me that the SIN cards may be next. Don't know how true that is, but its getting smaller and smaller in your wallet as to what is an ID. Besides my Passport, PAL and Drivers license there is nothing else i can use as valid ID here.

I say we go with the easy tactics, inforce the PAL license which already exists.

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