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Originally Posted by Greylocks
There is only one solution, and that is not popular here at all; 18+ for EVERYTHING. For guns, supplies, games, and posting on forums.
Until then, reading is not blocked.

That, wether you guys like it or not, is the only solution that has a legal chance of working. We ALL enforce it, or the government will enforce it for us.
So you really think that will improve the current system (which I fully agree with as it significantly reduced the amount of false buys, sale scams etc.). If a teenager really wants something, they will find a way to get it, whether its through parents, friends etc.

And preventing them from coming to games? The result will be them running games on their own properties (cottages, houses, forrests) away from the city. I think its better they play on designated fields rather than not. As for maturity, I've played with some players as young as 12 and they seemed fine.

And posting on forums? Who really gives a shit about that? I know a much simpler solution... IGNORE IT!

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