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Originally Posted by Greylocks
There is only one solution, and that is not popular here at all; 18+ for EVERYTHING. For guns, supplies, games, and posting on forums.
Until then, reading is not blocked.

That, wether you guys like it or not, is the only solution that has a legal chance of working. We ALL enforce it, or the government will enforce it for us.

personally i love that idea, in all honesty, if a 14 y/o really is steadfast on airsoft, they can wait. i know i did (even tho i didnt want to) and i belive it would also cut down on things like this.

Originally Posted by diamond_SEA
(p.s i know i am not age verified either, but i can confirm that i am, how ever there are no thunder bay reps so im s.o.l for the time being, so im not being hypocritical s/p? )
Burnaby / Vancouver area Age verifier

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