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And not to mention that lately here in Ottawa its been a mad dash for all the candidates to run the "ANTI CRIME!" campaigns. But at the same time, the one of the ones that got voted in here in Kanata Ward ((we voted O'Conner over in my part of Kanata)) anyway, this woman got voted in because she promised more police on the streets. Now she's saying that police are interupting with too many peoples lives because a damn Pittbull got shot when cops raided a home in Bells Corners. Later the owner had said she'd removed the dogs, but that doesn't make sense cause if they were removed then they would never have posed a threat to the officers. Anyway its just sickening that now everywhere I look its "BAN THIS! BAN THAT!" I would really love to get my hands on the Anarchists Cook Book again, make a couple hundred copies and send it out to the candidates to show that just banning guns wouldn't be enough, cause one trip to the drug store, or a pool/sauna store or even Home Depot now adays and you can get enough stuff to do a crap load more damage than a few bullets.

And besides, like Freedom Fighter said, more money to go back to real steel. And when I was talking to Greylocks one day and he was showing me some of the stuff that was legal in this country, we found that it was cheaper to buy a real steel, 1911 .45 Colt, over most of the FMU airsoft ones out there.

And Hojo, I would be more than willing to use my PAL to purchase guns. Even if there are no serial's on the guns it could still work to require a PAL to own and purchase them. Heck there arn't any serials on bullet casings but you need your PAL to pick those up . I would just like to know how that would go over for online purchases.

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