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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA
Again, more proof that your an idiot. You think this is Harpers doing? What political group did you think was more firearm friendly, the Conservatives, Fiberals or NDP? You know, don't even answer because you have your head up your ass and all you will talk is shit.

Originally Posted by Kedirkin
Ontario's municipal councils are going into election mode, as they will hit the polls before the year is out. As a result, the councillors are all in silly talk mode.

This has the dual effect of both making councillors impossible to reason with as well as encouraging them to come up with silly ideas like municipal by-laws that they would have no authority to pass.
Thanks Alan, I missed you around here.

Everyone just calm down a little bit. If they take your "TOY" airsoft away just get into real steel. It's hella fun and will never be banned.

I still love the argument, "let's ban guns (replica or real) and surely it will lead to a reduction in crime". Perfect, law abiding citizens will be at the mercy of criminals even more so, and heck, the thousands of people who enjoy airsoft simply as a sport will have that taken away too. Super idea. Just keep punishing the good while doing sweet fuck all to the criminals.

Why don't we stop chipping away at the rights and freedoms of the millions of good, hard working, decent people and just adopt Islamic law right now because of a few assholes? Might aswell get it over with right now.
Few individuals would view themselves as barbarous, no, instead they view themselves in a different light, a distorted reality that justifies who they are and what they have done.
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