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An Idea for the community

I have been thinking that lately, with all the proposed bans and rumored raids going around, it might be time to look at a new way to police our community, which would show the goverment that they don't need to ban the resale of our guns. and stop us from playing.

What I am thinking of, is to get all retailers to go to private sales only, like what A&A airsoft is doing, but have it so that, like the age verification thing, to buy a gun you need to attend at least one game, and have the leader of that club/group, who would be a appointed judge like guy, "verify" that he is responible and mature, and of couse, of age. Then have all retailers make sure before they sell a gun to someone, that they recive a e-mail from that club owner saying that this person is responible and mature airsofter, and that he is able to buy a gun. this would, in esential, stop parents from buying there kids guns becasue more then likely the parents would not go to the fuss of attending a local game. the only flaw in this plan would be to get all retailers on board.

Please don't flame me, I am just trying to bring a new idea to the table, please feel free to point out any flaws or what not. also, I do realize that there are some members working with the local goverments to bring our sport more into the main stream, but I think that we, as a community must show the goverment that we can police ourselves.
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