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its just to bad some people dont seem to get. if a crime is commited with replica fire arm they go all ape shit and try to ban it, but when a person is stabbed or beaten to death with brass knuckles or any other non-firearm related death no one could give a shit. its like "poor timmy got stabbed to death to bad" but when its done with a firearm its more like "that basturd shot timmy those ass holes if guns were banned non of this would have happened" you now what i can walk in to any room and find ways i can kill someone with out using a gun. like in my room i can kill you with a pellow, my moniter, stero, clothes, my desk, or with the pair of sessiors in my desk now lets look thats 6 ways i can kill a man with out using a gun and are any of those going to get banned? hells no. so more people should realize that guns are not the only way you can kill someone. punishing the majority for a crime a that a select few morons did is ot only totally unfair but complete retarded. the point made that if we ban replica fire arms only mines that bad people that want to rob and bank or store will have one less thing to pick from thus meaning more people with have to use REAL guns thats a very good point and i like that.
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