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Diamond (or a mod) please delete that first line in your post. Comments like that will not help the situation, even if you were only making a joke. (Edit, it looks like I should have added that people should not quote that line as well)

Regarding the realistic look in airsoft, I agree it can work both ways. I read about gang members in the US painting a red tip on real guns, with the hope that whoever confronted them would let their guard down.

Also, I have always wondered about the logic of completely banning replica guns. True some crimes are commited with them, but would the government rather these people.. who are criminals, use a real gun when commiting a crime instead? Taking away replica guns leaves criminals with few options. Many will go for real steel.

True, replicas are a real danger when faced by the police, but so are knives, crossbows, and chainsaws. If you come at a police officer with one, you can expect to be shot. The problem is that some people just don't learn and openly play with airsoft in their front yards or parks without a care in the world. This, along with criminals using them for real crimes doesn't help things.

I agree with those who want the Canadian Tire junk banned and make the real airsoft restricted to those 18 yrs and older with stiff fines for breaking such a law. Kids had their chance to act responsibly and many of them blew it. Maybe airsoft games could be regulated to designated places? Something like the way handguns are controlled now. Meaning the locations would be on record, and new locations would have to be approved. No one wants more rules or regulations, but it would be a fair compromise to keep the sport alive.

I am not taking "the sky is falling" view on things, but I also dont believe that if we all just sit quietly and not make any noise the problem will just go away. If a city wants to completely ban airsoft, we all have to get together and let our voices be heard. This recent news may not affect YOUR city, but the next time it might.
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