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Originally Posted by BBS
the problem is that politicians don't fully understand the airsoft sport as well as they understand paintball....

get the politicians to go to a paintball field and see how we treat the guns and how we play or they could play too!

to better enforce the 18+ rule i think we should not allow parents to buy for minors. i mean we are currently very strict on airsoft and we are serious when it comes to safety.
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But i do have to say that airsoft is so realistic in look, I really think that is some guy robs a bank with one and gets shot.... i wont mind, just one less person to ruin the game for the rest of us.... but the media would have a frenzy about the replica firearms use in a robbery.

You just gotta realize it goes both ways. A couple years back here in winnipeg a guy was robbing gas stations with purple painted handgun (dunno the type). Everyone thought it was a fake gun but the stores policy is give them the money no matter what eh. That is until some guy stands up to him and refuses to give him the money and realized very fast that his gun is a real gun, oddly painted purple... Ive seen the crime scene photos.... that guy learnt that real fast and too late
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your right,when it rains the burger joint across the street does have cats for 4.99$ but that doesnt mean that i can just go get all the grape jelly i want
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