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Originally Posted by sukivan
Originally Posted by Arthraxis
Originally Posted by sukivan
Originally Posted by swatt13
if you have to be 18 to own, why treat these as restricted fire arms literally. have it so you must have a restricted fire arms licence to aquire one. you write a test in front of a government trusted individual who determines if you qualify to own/operate a real restricted firearm that can actually kill someone, then you also prove that a)you know gun saftey b) are accountable for your own actions.
or how about the government stops interfering in our private business? airsoft guns are about as deadly as plastic butter knives
Airsoft is not as deadly as plastic butter knives. If you bring the gun to school, or use it in a crime, you can get shot, the police treat it as a real firearm, so if you mis-use it, it can get you killed. Literally (the force of the bb's) it's probably not life threatening, unless you modify it to give it high power ect. ect.
This is a laughable argument. I can go down to my local Canadian Tire and buy an air rifle that fires pointed lead pellets at 495fps. If a kid pointed that at a cop, the cop would be even MORE justified in shooting him than if he had an airsoft gun (since the former is actually capable of inflicting serious or even fatal injury, whereas the latter simply APPEARS to have that capability). Why ban airsoft guns and ignore airguns? Because airsoft guns look scarier?

This is just another example of stupid, ignorant politicians pandering for votes.
You are right, but as Hojo said gov will take the cheap way out before doings something to help. Has the idea of all airsofters moving to a centralized area and succeeding(sp?) from canada been broached yet? It is as practical as anything the gov could think of.
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