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Originally Posted by swatt13
if you have to be 18 to own, why treat these as restricted fire arms literally. have it so you must have a restricted fire arms licence to aquire one. you write a test in front of a government trusted individual who determines if you qualify to own/operate a real restricted firearm that can actually kill someone, then you also prove that a)you know gun saftey b) are accountable for your own actions.
The licensing thing has already been hashed out.
1. Airsoft doesn't have serial numbers. TM isn't going to do it for some Canucks.
2. Less costly/more publically acceptable, to outright ban Airsoft then legalize, catogorize, police sales & license owners.

The Goverment (read:CFC) has wanted Airsoft gone for years, they're just taking a very slow, unaccountable approach to it.
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