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I was just at Creative outdoor today, they don't sell airsoft guns, just mags,BB's and batterys, no guns!
But its starting to scare me how stupid our govenerment is! They think just banning every thing will make a problem go away, and any one with half a bain cell knows its not true and will only make things alot worse! Hell I'd be willing register and get a permit for airsoft if they where smart enought to come up with idea like that! We get to continue playing airsoft like resposible adults and idiots will get easly cought if doing something super stupid and kids under 18 will not be able to get their hands on 'em! For the amount we shell out for this hobby I'm sure no one would object to buy a owning permit from the govnerment just to keep things safe and happy for every one! Isn't there a airsoft legal team or somthing thats working on legals of airsoft in Canada?
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