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Honest help ?

I have been age-verified last winter by "Syrinx" ( player from the first pathfinder in Sherbrooke ). I play a few games with them. I get access to the sell and buy section of this forum ( i think you need to be verified to have access to that ?) . I buy an airsoft rifle from Tru last winter since i was 32 years old an verified !

But i cannot buy in ACA since it say that i am not age verified :???: ?
I did try with my password from this forum but it say that my loggin is o.k. but that i am not verified.

I send a few e-mail to 4 people that could help me and still no answer. I see honestjohn posting everyday so i post here today hoping to get help here since with e-mail i get no help.

Can someone tell me what i have to do to be able to buy from ACA. ( dont tell me to be age-verified ! since that has already been done !)

Yes, i can buy from other store but it look like in Canada we loose store every month so the list of store is starting to be short :-( .

Sorry if this is not the place to post that kind of thread.
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