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Front Cover Markham paper: Proposed Ban of Sale, Possession of replica firearms...

Hope not a dupe post;

This is aimed straight at Airsoft guns (excuse the pun). Front cover of today's Markham paper has article mentioning that City council is working to propose by-law on the ban of Sale and Possession of replica firearms. Now don't give me any BS about Airsoft not being replica firearm as it talks further in the article of "Toy guns" and mentioning closure of stores in Richmond Hill selling exact replica of guns (and we know what store their talking about). It further goes to site example of the shooting in Aurora by the youths with toy/bb guns at another vehicle.

The proposal is to have this effected for all of York Region and I'm confident will extend from there.

If you have friends in high places now may be a good time to make some calls to your council member.

* Personally, I understand the ban of sales but banning possession may make life a little difficult.

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