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JESUS! you people all need to think about this.
Dont belive anything you hear, and only half of what you see.
in all honesty, i dont believe that just some typical airsofter was raided, maybe something else was involved... maybe he hangs out with the wrong type of crowd if you know what i mean, shinjin, im not saying your friends a druggie, but what if he is, or if some of his friends are... the CBSA or RCMP would have NO reason to just raid someones house. maybe a neighbor saw him aiming his guns around through a window one night, there are WAY too many possibilities for this to just be some random crackdown on airsoft. and dont you think if it was, the government would give some type of warning, to try and get us to get rid of our guns, before they wasted hundreds of thousands of tax dollars just cracking down on a bunch of hobby crazed, milsim players.

some of you get waaaaaaaaay too on edge just from one person saying something on here..

anyone wanna buy a bridge in New York? only 55$ shipped.
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