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Originally Posted by twsmith
Strange that they'd take his computer as well. I would think it must be something to do with customs. If the RCMP came to seize firearm replicas then why would they have taken the computer as well? Unless maybe he's a member of that vampirefreaks site like that idiot in Montreal was or something?

I think I'll be taking my gun pics off my myspace profile just in case.

so you distinguish people on vampirefreaks as idiots, but people on myspace with pictures of theyr guns are ok?
thats pretty fucking rediculas. im sorry to hear about your friend shinjin, but im sure everything will be fine for him... but come on man... just because someone listens to a certain kind of music, has a certain kind of culture, and goes and does something dumb, doesnt mean theyr all a bunch of idiots. iv listened to death metal for years and iv never even thought of something as stupid as shooting up a school. and man, there are WAY more retards on myspace than there are on vampirefreaks.. considering myspace is like the AIDS of the internet.
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