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Originally Posted by Shinjin_MC
this post has been kind of a knee-jerk reaction on my part
my friend called me, he was confused, I was confused
I got pissed off that this kind of thing could happen in Canada, so I wanted to get more info from people who might have more knowledge about stuff like this

yes, my friend used to be an employee of a retailer; but was not working for them at the time of the raid
but I know of another incident where the individual involved was just a friend of someone connected to an airsoft retailer

at the moment, I can't reach my friend; I have other friends who can't reach him too
until there is more concrete information, I will not speculate about what might or might not be the cause

I don't know if the previous "sky is falling" incidents unfolded the same way, but I am unnerved by the fact that this one is hitting close to home
is your friend connected to specarms or XP?
because i bought 6 guns from specarms and 2 from XP within the last 6 months...
does anybody know if they would track down customers information from the hard drives they took during the raid? i've already lost a gun and some accessories during the raid because they were being repaired at specarms...
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