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Originally Posted by NewType ZERO
I wouldnt mind moving to the states.. I mean Id Hate to be an american.. but there are somethings about the US that isnt so bad.. including the ability to buy firearms at almost any convience store.. But I like being a Canadian.. theres something less.. asshole-ish about it. sorry back to the thread...

If that guy was raided, and it was the police, the "friend" wouldn't have been able to call after to say what happened.. he'd be held by the police.. that includes the RCMP, and yea.. they can't force you to be quiet about what they do to you.. no judge could order you to. and the CBSA can't raid someone NOT importing things. its just that simple.
Americans also have REAL freedom of speech. Here in Canada we have speech codes that bar us from saying offensive things.
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