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Originally Posted by redhawk_six
Could be that they've been instructed by cbsa not to release any info...

Either way, dont start burying your guns yet, we dont have enough info. Shinjin stated this person was a collector, it is possible he could have had a number of things imported by the effected retailers. If the raids are being conducted by the CBSA, then it likely has something to do with importing guns, not owning them.
The CBSA has no authority to seize property that is not directly related to importation. If they believe that you illegally imported an object, they can come seize it as evidence in their own proceedings. They have many levels of appeals internally, and the Customs Act will not allow you to take them to a Federal Court until all of their internal measures have been exhausted.

If you are successful in your appeal, they must return seized items to you. A judge cannot intervene until the CBSA process is ended.

First, you appeal to the Division Superintendant. If he/she can't render a decision, then it goes to the CBSA HQ in Ottawa and an adjudicator is assigned to render a decision. If he/she can't, then it goes to the Minister of Industry and Trade (the person responsible to Parliament for the CBSA). He will render a decision. If you still do not agree, then you take the CBSA to Federal Court (Queen's Bench in Alberta).

The CBSA has no authority to come into your home for a seizure if YOU DID NOT DIRECTLY IMPORT OR ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY THE IMPORTER. The only guys authorized to seize outside of this are the RCMP or your Provincial or Municipal police force, and only with a warrant.

The guys who've had seizures enforced can't be coerced by the CBSA to keep quiet. They chose to remain silent for whatever reason and it really does the community no benefit to remain silent.

All we can do is speculate and this helps nobody.
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