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Excellent review. Very complete. Wow! you know your stuff. I picked up my ICS AK 74 and love it. It's not a sniper rifle, but I'll tell you it did the job when it came to picking off opponents. At Flag Raiders in Kitchener, Ontario there is a wooded perimiter around the field, with buildings beside. I was making hits in areas where I only had, maybe 6 inches to hit my target and was making these types of shots consistently. Unfortunately, I lent it out and the person using it had a fluke fall with the AK 74 taking the weight of a 6'3, 180 lb body. The butt stock absorbed the blow but broke off two plastic stabilizing pieces that left it slightly wobbly. As well the butt plate was damaged. The AK74 still functions just fine, Duct tape keeps me in the game but I would prefer to get a new stock.

I have had a very difficult time finding a replacement stock and have looked extensively for several weeks at manufacturer web sites and sellers web sites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Said and done I love the ICS AK 74. Finally, whats a good source to talk to about upgrades? Really appreciate reading the evaulation. Thank you for taking the time and effort to post it. Very helpful and much appreciated.

Regards, Stonewall, London, Ontario
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