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As I said in the other thread... the political weight of these seizures would be enormous to both Harper, and the police as a whole. Therefore, a media release would be in thier interest. I agree that these are likely either isolated incidents, or small ripples from the actual raids. However, the lack of proper fact from those involved can be construed as worrisome, and at the same time, lack of said information could mean nothing major. Look at deals that go "sour" within the classifieds. Everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and say "he's been around a long time, but he's a bad guy cuz we haven't heard from him and hasn't closed the deal with ___"; only for all of us to later find out he had no access to a computer, or he had a tragic life changing event (and airsoft is only a hobby to most, and hobbys get forgotten in a crisis). The point is - let's wait for real word on what happened from a person involved, not a friend saying "___". (nothing personal to anyone, nor am I doubting anyones story here)
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