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Airsoft seizures/raids in BC - Act 1 Scene 2

Yes, BC stores were raided over here in BC. That is confirmed. Weirdly enough, not ALL of the BC stores were raided, just some of them.

What is also confirmed is a player/collector's HOUSE was hit just today. A good friend of mine came home from university classes today to find, among other personal items that were seized, his airsoft gun collection GONE, and his computer GONE. A family member was home to fill him in on the grisly details.
He is, understandably, quite distraught over this matter and I have not been able to reach him after he hurriedly phoned me to tell me about what happened.

What I want to know is; has this happened to anyone else?
And can anyone see why this is happenning?

This is getting quite ridiculous
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