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Step one make a pin ya pull(and an optional catch(I have a system I have desined and testedthat works with and with out catch)). Keep it in its aerosol can and make it disperse baking flower. Yes the stuff you cook with. The bottom of the grenades final put a ring of red tape about 1/4 inch from the bottom.

I would love to help cause I cant seam to find any he grenades.
we should get together, i would love too see your ideas. as you san see the method of pierceing is rather rough an uncontrolled. this is an area which i do not have alot of experience in. perhaps you couls show/suggest some proper parts that are cheap and easily available.

p.s. i find corn starch works best because you can get it wet and it comes off no prob, it would be hilarious to see someone who got hit with one on a rainy day looking like an uncooked loaf of bread from all that flower.
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