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my origional design was a potato masher but it seemed too excessive, the black pipe you see actually had at one point an adapter and a larger diameter pipe at the top and subsequently a much larger rubber cap too. i found the entire thing too large and too "un-grenade-like" so i simplified it by just taking the top off and getting a smaller cap. i wll make up some drawings of where i see this model going. this is where i will need most of the help. i defenitly want to make it smaller, much smaller. my intent is to have the whole thing inside a slim foam sleeve, when the cap pops off it will be attached to a sliding piece that will slide open and expose the payload. anybody can make a pipe go "pop". my intentions are to make a cheap, re-useable, throw-at-head and not get too hurt grenade that doesnt totally suck.

why? 2 reasons

1. i like grenades.... alot. i want to use them to add more fun to my games
2. i want to sell these so i can fund my uber expensive airsoft habbit
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