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Originally Posted by Kuraitenshi
that metal cap on the end would definitly make an impression on anyone u use it on. I think it has potential, but the little puff of co2 didn't really demonstrate the effectivness of it. perhaps a demo vid when the wife isn't home and u have time to clean up?
yes, better vids will follow, i was just posting as i promised and to keep the discussions going. the metal cap will be replaced as soon as i can find a plastic one that fits. in its present state i cant just take it to home depot and size it up in the isles

i realize its a bit rough around the edges but everybody please keep in mind its still a 1st gen prototype. it will only get better from here.

as for the whole pvc/abs argument i am aware of the low ratings on abs pipe, fortunatly it has so far proven itself worthy after about 15 uses it still has shown no signs of stress. probably due to the fact that the pipe only holds the pressure for a short time, as i improve the compression cap to add more time to the lead up, i may need to change materials. for now... it will be fine, as u can see.
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