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Originally Posted by Vice
Originally Posted by redhawk_six
Sounds like it will still be too heavy/hard. You'll need at least some metal parts to handle the pressure of the gas, over the long term, plastic wont cut it. And the weight of the CO2 cartridge alone is too much. PVC piping is pretty much the only easy to obtain, cheap to use plastic that i can think of that will handle the pressure of CO2, and it's too heavy and solid to be safe to throw at someone. Even a single pound of weight is too much to safely throw in someones direction. This is why madbull decided against using a gas to power their hand grenade design. Any gas system will be either too heavy, or wont last in the long term.

Hockey tape wont provide protection from injury either.

You need to consider the amount of force someone is likely to throw it with in the 'heat' of battle. A plastic pipe full of powder to the head could still easily cause damage.

the hockey tape is just for testing purposes. i do agree that weight is a factor. and yes there is some metal on the inside (a washer and small copper tube that houses the Co2. also a puncture pin. the prototype is about the size of an areisol can but im sure i will be able to miniatureize future versions.
this should cut down on weight. the size of the claymore wont change as it is just right and it will speed up development to have it more than half made. it would be nice to have a limit to work within as far as weight goes. what is the maximum weight you would suggest for something such as this. keeping in mind propper use of this grenade is to be lobbed, not directly fastballed at someone. any grenade aside from the cork ones will break your face if whailed in the heat of battle. while this may eventually happen it would not be propper use under the instructions. thus limmiting liability and placing all ownace on the users head.

pvc will barely hold the Co2 pressure u need to use black ABS pipe.

i think there has got to be a compromisible weight that everybody should agree on. i am not too concerned with making a crappy ass joke grenade but i do want to keep playability in mind. the nerf look just doesnt do much for me.

Some design help and notes make it interesting.

Step one make a pin ya pull(and an optional catch(I have a system I have desined and testedthat works with and with out catch)). Keep it in its aerosol can and make it disperse baking flower. Yes the stuff you cook with. The bottom of the grenades final put a ring of red tape about 1/4 inch from the bottom.

The problems going to be getting the flower to go the full 360. But in the end you get a grenade worthy look wise for an indoor arena like ttac3.

I use to make home made splatter bombs, when I was a paintball. I made a few "plastique" terrorist bombs as well. (not the kind that really go boom just looks real and fires a barrage of flower)

note: I have a few designs for dispersing flower in a 360 pattern. But never using an aerosol can like thing. and it gives a loud pop.(timer dependent on co2 cartage company so all brass eagles will give same time all copper heads will give same time and so on.) And a fair warning mine can be very messy in terms of detonation blast. They will get flower every where. Nice cloud.

I would love to help cause I cant seam to find any he grenades.
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