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I appreciate the vote of confidence... I really hope that this event is the first of many.

There are lots of people who have been leading the way long before I ever popped up...I hope that they will all come to this event so that the new members of the community can have a chance to meet and greet everyone.

On line communities... are not real, communities and understanding and sharing can only happen face to face with people who share your passion.

you know... I kicked around the Idea of whether this event should have a admission price.... but I have decided that this being the first one... and I have no idea how big it will be...

GMAC WILL BE A FREE EVENT for participants.

Venders will pay a small "table fee" so I can recoup most of my expenses,

But everyone else will get in for free.

So mark your calendars October 28 2006 GMAC!
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