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Originally Posted by redhawk_six
Your grenades dont sound safe at all, sorry, but they dont. If someone gets hit by one, judging from your discription of the grenade, they would probably be seriously hurt. Not to mention, 'shaped like a pipe bomb', that could cause some serious problems...

EDIT: Why not try redoing them as claymores? We could use a realitivly cheap, but effective claymore. The most effective claymores are so expensive that you cant afford to get more then one or two, and the cheaper ones have limited range and dont give you that nice "POP" that you get with gas.
safety will be key on the final version, replacing the last metal parts with plastic is a must. the only parts im having problems with is the copper sliding shell that will deflect the pellet mix. but it can be purchaced with a thin gauge so it is actually light. there is only one external part that must remain metal and that is the wingnut on the pressure cap. i can however put hockey tape on it for now. that should stop any injury. after that its no more physically damaging than getting hit with a plastic tube filled with powder.

as for the pipe bomb look i cant much help that. but having any replica weapon wheather its a sword gun grenade or "replica home made pipe bomb" will usually get you in an equal ammount of trouble if u act like a prick.

as for the claymore thing i totally agree and that will come with time. i also want to make Co2 powered mines u step on. but 1 thing at a time for now.
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