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Originally Posted by Dracheous
My question to Mcguyver though is, wouldn't they have to do something illegal to loose the importation license? False declarition of an item or something like that? Or would we not have caught wind of the licenses being taken away as a whole a little sooner than this?
Define "illegal"? The customs agent Chuck "something or other" at Customs North Portal Division told the owner of Canadian Airsoft that he could do whatever he wanted and he was king in his world. He also said that these things should be banned and he raised a stink with the CFO, telling him that they must be selling them as they order too many for movie prop use. Under pressure from this fellow, the CFO decided it was best to revoke the license. With government officials like these, there is really no way you can win, and if you do, it will have cost you so much money that it wouldn't be worth it.

This Chuck piece of shit had no proof, only his own ideas. Now he siezes paintball guns like the BT Armalite, HK and AK ones because they look too much like the real steel, according to him. He's siezed stocks, barrels, mag looking expansion chambers because they are for these guns, which he says are prohibited.

And no, I never did get my gun. I had to order it elsewhere.
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