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Originally Posted by Vivisector
Originally Posted by 666
I finally had a chance to test side rail with r/s PSO1 scope. It doesn't fit. Rail construction is slightly different from r/s or Guarder rails. So if you want to use r/s optics or RDS than you will have to replace the rail.

Edit, apparently PO scope (civi version of PSO1) fits ICS AK. I just found some pics of the gun with PO scope on it. Doesn't make any sence to me since both scopes are made for the same side rail as far as I know.

Apparently it's a little smaller and thinner than the real steel one, but with some adjustment on the scope itself it will work. Also, in the review thread on Red Alliance, there is a picture of one with a PK-AS mounted on the stock rail.

I have a theory that ICS may have fixed the rail in the recent batch of guns.
Time to eat my own words...

I bought a POSP 4x24 for my gun, and it doesn't fit. The rail isn't wide enough, even with the tension on the scope's mount being all of the way on. In addition, the ICS rail and the real steel rail's mount holes are in different spots, so they aren't readily interchangable.

HOWEVER, I found that making the mount bigger by simply gluing a small piece of sheet metal in a certain spot on the rail will let the scope fit tightly and comfortably, with no wobble whatsoever.

I'll make a picture post in the AEG solutions forum when my camera is around, detailing the required mod.
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