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Prototype grenade finnished

ITS ALIVE! Yes! i have finnished a prototype reuseable grenade! the design is fairly simple, using a Co2 cartridge and some pipes. i will post pictures soon

the features of this grenade include:

-minimum 180 degree blast radius
-totally reuseable
-can be packed with anything (including liquids or semi liquids, even dogshit
-shaped like a pipe bomb
-flexable and on-the-fly settable timing device (2-7 sec)
-extremely sturdy construction
-can be painted easily for quick pickup
-should be fairly low cost to make multiple ones


-its impossible to get 360 degree blast
-not huge but not small either (yet)
-weight could be a factor if carrying too many

-in its prototype stage at the moment, it could hurt someone if hit in head or balls. i am working on finishing it off with all plastic except for the copper sheath that will be on the outside, fortunatly the copper is the thinest gauge you can get for its diameter. so its not bad at all.

-protection against accidental explosion is still on drawing board but is definitly in the plans

-timing device (rubber end cap) will need precise testing to accurately gauge
"poptime" currently i have only been able to get 4 seconds from the cap, however once zong tightened it on REALLY tight and it didnt even "pop" at all. so i know ill be able to get a fully flexable timer thru more testing.

-for now Co2 is my best chance but eventually i want to be able to pump it with a bike pump to cut the cost of use.

-police dont seem to like my idea very much. i have been advised to keep it at the games only and car travel is a bit of a grey area.

pictures are to come as soon as i find my camera batteries

any constructive criticism is welcome
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