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Not all guns are $500. M249's quickly jack up the average cost of AEG's too. Not to mention average cost of a new G&P is $800 a peice. $500 is only a average for TM guns. Even then There are still other airsoft guns that can push prices up too, pistols for instance. And generally I would suspect they'd have a few good looking pricy shooters in there. $100,000 worth of airsoft wouldn't be THAT hard to put into a room. That's only 110 guns at an average cost of $900. And even at $500 average per item, they each only need to have 100 guns in hand.

My question to Mcguyver though is, wouldn't they have to do something illegal to loose the importation license? False declarition of an item or something like that? Or would we not have caught wind of the licenses being taken away as a whole a little sooner than this?

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