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Originally Posted by thephenom
Originally Posted by PTE. Pyle
coming from a very reliable source. will and peter lost over 100 grand of products and will not be getting it back, they are shutting down the airsoft suppliers in Canada, just look at rangers and double edge. as much as I hate to say it this time it is not a scare. xp may rebound but after my discussion today id say it is doubtful that we will ever see either of them as a retailer again. also it is only a matter of time before the other retailers get nailed. take this as you may but only time will tell.

if you had guns at wills shop at the time of the bust kiss them good bye.
That sounds like a bunch of bullcrap. $100k worth of airsoft??? If you price them at $500 each, that's 200 guns between the two of them, and the last time I checked, most guys don't stock that many guns. And I don't think they'll confisicating BDUs and other gears since it isn't illegal or remotely shady last time I checked.

Your "reliable source" was probably on crack when you talked to him/her.
When you are not sure what are you are talking about i would suggest to not write anything !

The last time i check XP inventory for my store ! he had 76 000$ worth of AEG / GBB in stock ! + we were at least 3 store with coming in order !

So if our order came in before the seizure, it's more than 100$K that we are talking about !

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