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Originally Posted by techobo
Originally Posted by shadow1911
Birds and the bees is right. I seen and man Handel my first real gun at age 6 not one of my most happy child hood memories. Needless to say even tho they are airsoft guns they look real. she learns what they are at 5 shes going to say to mommy every time daddy goes airsofting "Is daddy going fighting again." Toy guns with those orange things like cap guns that dont remotely look like real. That's a different story but any gun that is relatively real, dont let her see them till shes well old. like learning sex ed in school or like high school, or even better old enough to play.

Guns isn't some thing you teach your 5 year old. This coming from a guy who regrets how he was raised. The son of a man whom really did sleep with a real 45 automatic(dont know what one exactly assuming m1911)under his pillow at night. Hell I knew how to kill a man with a hand gun by age 10. But if I Had never touched that gun when i was 6. O ignorance is fucking bliss.

The fact still remains around kids airsoft and real steal will always be the same. Until they have seen first hand that you cant kill some one with airsoft. And that killing is wrong. Something I didn't get to learn until too late. My dad was my hero till I was 17. In some respects he still but not in the way that he ustobe. One way to look at it was wile most kids were watching GI Joe on TV I was being raised by GI Joe.

Please learn from my experience as a child whom learned about guns too early. In movies and games its different from the moment you see your old man holding one. Clearly I was raised wrong. Do me a favor man do right by my old mans mistakes.

Not even one of my more closer friends now. Knew that I held real guns before so you can tell how this issue makes me feel. I have no friends from my past any more just the here and now.
So is it that you regret handling guns at an early age, and not having your dad tell you that killing is bad? Because I agree that could cause some problems. Please tell me if I interpreted this wrong.

You got it almost right. But ya got the real basic of it. With out further knowledge of my child hood, you couldn't have known that there was a point when i was actually taught that shooting humans was OK. How ever it was never defined further. i learned later that killing another human in some cases was wrong. like when i was 15. Here's a kid 12 years old could easily take a military mp5 and m4 as well as a mk23 to school and blow every one away including cops. And he didn't know killing was wrong. I was that 12 year old at the age of Columbine I could have made them look like a walk in the park. As for what stopped me from doing so. I felt they didn't deserve a fate so little of hardship I just made there lives hell. The bully's that is.
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