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Originally Posted by modoman
Is there anything I should do within this time other than save money? (Keep a close eye on laws? on FAQ?)
Yeah, save MORE money. I'm not even kidding. Figure everything you wanna get, and calculate how much that comes out to. Go on, do it, I'll wait...

Okay. Done? Now, whatever the number you came out with? You'll need more. Serious. Airsoft always goes over budget, when you start buying gear and accessories and accessories for your gear and new BDUs and new gear to match your new BDUs and new accessories for that etc.

Some people are gonna say "but you don't need all that stuff to play blah blah blah..." and to that i say bollocks! You may not NEED it per se, but when you're stading around in your ripped and stained ODs and $30 Brass Eagle paintball goggles from Canadian Tire, looking like some second rate impression of Che Guevera, and everyone around you has got their MarPat and Multicam on with matching body armor, MOLLE pouches, low profile ballistic goggles/glasses, done up gun, full metal sidearm and 5w UHF radios, looking like real world operators... you most likely WILL wish you did have a shitload more money.

So yeah, save up. Worst case, you'll have money to buy a car to get to games.
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